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Download-Mask Leakage Detection by Image Processing
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About Authors :

  1. Manish Karandikar: President-Jigyasa Research Center, Nagpur. Director-Embedded Creations, Nagpur Maharashtra
  2. Richik Ganguli: Director, Vortex Marketing Pvt. Ltd. An electronic security design, development and integration company
  3. N. Ameen Ashrafi: Researcher & Software Developer, Jigyasa Research Center, Nagpur.


  • Respiratory masks are personal protective equipments that are worn on the face by those who have to work in vicinity of hazardous gases
  • Inhalation injuries are the leading cause of worker‟s death, working in the vicinity of poisonous gases.
  • Researching in this area, our team concluded that proper fitting of respiratory mask on face is most important factor.
  • To support the cause of providing safer and non hazardous working conditions for workers, we are developing a simple respiratory mask fitting and mask leakage detection system with the help of digital image processing techniques and embedded systems.
  • The prototype testing results showed that the proposed system performs better with the RPE test. The proposed technologies provides efficient path for minimize the risk of inhalation injuries while working in vicinity of hazardous gases.