S.E.V.A. - Nagpur Police Mobile App


Finding the exact need and making designing the database for the same was the most critical and enjoyable part for beginners.

Visiting nearly 30 police stations and training police personal to their comfort and collecting exact requirement was important area of research.

Working as a team and for a cause by skiping summer holidays and then after college hours was the innovation.


This is first of its kind project where more than 60 students/interns of Jigyasa Research Center have worked for a cause.Police department extended full support and encouragement to all upcomming programmers. DCP Shri Sharma (April 2017) under the guidance of Dr. Vyenkatesham C.P. Nagpur launched this project PI Sonavne and API Mane extended full cooperation.

Without charging a single rupee from police department, all the students under banner of JRC, designed, developed and deployed the software and trained more than 100 police personel.


The S.E.V.A. app is is used for data collection and a website for data analysis and report printing.

The police department successfully collected 30,000 records in 4 months and the project is moving towords big data application.

DCP Ms Khedkar Madam provided much needed encouragement and issued certificates to all 70 students who participated in development, installation and testing of app and software.


A team of nearly 40 students from NIT college of Engineering joined JRC as research interns in summer 2017.

Thanks to Dr. Kadu Sir - Principal NIT College of Engg. All the interns developed 1st version of S.E.V.A. app based on their survey and analysis of requirement.

Then another team of nearly 35 students from PCE joined the project and produced 2nd optimised and more accurate version of the software. Thanks to Dr. Thakre - HOD CT Department and Dr. Singh Sir - Principal PCE, Nagpur.