Understanding the process of searching for Manganese deposits to extracting the ore it self is very interesting. DGM Mr. Kishor Magre provided all technical support and answered all our queries with patience. The on field experience helped us to understand the whole process which helped us to deliver the best solutions to training department.

The multi layered structure of mine was transformed into a glass model which showed all activities right from lift movement in shaft to train movement in Haulege roads.


MOIL, a navratna company of India, has a corporet office at Nagpur, The training department of MOIL maintains a training gallery in this office. Embedded Creations have successfully implemented 9 working models all automised by microcontroller programing.

All models are used to train the new commers / visitors. The gallery and our models were innagurated in a grand program where Hon.Union Minister Shri Niitin Gadkari and Hon. Union Minister Shri Tomar were chief guests.


The complete simulator of Manganese Mine with effect of drilling, boaring, explosion and ore collection in a hall of 25 X 12 foot was the most important assignment. The team of Embedded Creations have implemented electronic systems in all scaled models of open cast mines and various flowcharts explaining the complete process of ore extraction

As an award our team got a lifetime opportunitu to explore the dark and deep world of Manganese ore extraction about 500 mtrs below the ground. Its a faciniting world out there. The workers working there are real heros who work with determination and with all safety to extract best quality product which adds strength to steel.


Around 25 interns have worked on various electronic systems. they got a chance to implement Microcontroller systems and PLC systems on real life projects.

Hardware design, Model Design, PCB designing on field system configurations and wired or wireless communication are some of the key topics which were enjoyed by interns. From problem statement analysis to planning, designing testing and deployment along with after sales support were the key areas where all interns got hands on field experience, that too with company like MOIL.