Collecting all data from technical viewpoint was a big challenge. programming drone and controlling it to get exact detail information of land records is a skillfull job which our pilots, Harshad and Sachin, do it in style.

Understanding land terrins and getting all depths and elivations of various works like CCT, GABIANS, Check Dams, Shet Talao required inquisitive approach with element of thrill and courage.


Drone has always been a passion and in thing for all inquisitive Engineers. We at Embedded Creations, converted this passion of Hi-Flyers into a research activity.

We have successfully complited 8 Drone Survey assignments for Forest Department, Nagpur, Maharashtra. Our expert team lead by Pilot Harshad Kadve and Pilot Sachin Pimplapure have collected all minute details of various project undertaken by forest department in remote areas.


Working with mother nature that too for conservation of forests, is itself a big award. When Passion becomes the way of life, very interesting and mindblowing assignments come your way.

We got a chance to work with many RFO on field in very remote and beautiful locations. There can't be any bigger satisfication than such assignments. Experience with RFO Tale, RFO Talnikar was absolutly marvalous.


Office team and interns working and learning Image processing technique and those working on animation and multimedia got a chance to work on some ultimate footage collected by our expert Drone Flying Team.

All students went through complete process of software development cycle, right from problem statement to planning, designing testing and deployment along with after sales support.