Designing the proper sensor which can handle all jerks and vibrations of crane and rail wagons, can perform under dusty and moist working condition and in surrounding temperatures in excess of 50 deg celcious was the most innovative and crucial part of this project

A special type of limit switch was designed as a sensor to limit and ristrict crane motion. the backup process with image processing was developed to handle any malfunctioning of sensors.


A big coal crusher is used by CHP units to crush big blocks of coal and to sagrigate rocks / big size stones from coal. the tippler unit and the tippler deck are the most dusty areas with low visibility

There are all chances that the crane operator dashes the crushing arm afainst pillers, or side walls which may cause big accidents and loss of life.


Embedded Creations is probably the first company to try such project with interns also forminh the part of design and implementation team.

The students from polytechnique performed eceptionally well and with a professional training from experts of Embedded Creations installed and implemented the whole system without any support from any high rank officers.


Interns from Polytechnique worked on site for more than 7 days in 8 hour shift and implimented the full system.

After trouble shooting and testing, the system was handed over to company superiors.