Girls and women safety is a national issue. The number of psyco's is on rise. In such case, its a topic of research and innovation to find easy, innovative and efficient ways to protect girls and women against all type of crimes against them.

The Buddy Cop project gave a platform to discuss this issue from IT viewpoint. The budding team of research oriented, inquisitive interns of JRC has come up with a data aquasition tool in form of app, to control or reduce the crime rate against women.


After successful complition of 3 innovative projects with Nagpur Police, the research team got yet another chance to work on innovative software which was primarily for women safety. The inquisitive team of Embedded Creations and JRC tookup this cause and started the work.

Just like our previous experience, if we are working for a nobal cause, god always extends full support, we got a team of 35 engineers from PCE to work and assist in this project. Dr. Thakre, HOD-PCE, Nagpur, with her final year students adjusted college timings and contributed 3 Hr per day for the project, without disturbing acedemic schedule.


The rewards and awards are always round the corner, if your efforts are honest and sincere. DCP Mrs. Khedkar Madam, Cyber and EOW Nagpur awarded certificates to all students of JRC for developing the software and data collection app on Android.

But the feeling of being responsible IT professional, who's contribution is for a very important cause, is the reward in this project.


35 interns with 8 week experience in Android Programming and per day 2 hours of lab exposure at Jigyasa Research Centre, developed this App and server side system.

All students went through complete process of software development cycle, right from problem statement to planning, designing, testing and deployment along with after sales support.