Denying the concept which states research and researchers are constrained in “Laboratory”, JRC is setting new limits. JRC has always proven its vigor in fields of electronics and automation but this time it has triggered the strings of social cause.

Students need to work on various projects during their graduation. So we thought why not to work on Real time projects, which will minimize the gap between technology and society. So we have chosen this Spiritual Angle.


To promote spiritual and religious views of people Jigyasa Research centre (JRC) has come up with “Ashta Ganesh Vidarbha” android mobile application. 14 interns of JRC has uplifted the concept of Vidarbha’s Ashta Ganesh and developed mobile apps for the same. Total eight Android mobile applications are been developed for eight icons of Ganapati located in different places of Vidarbha region which are very popular.

This application not only serves religious purpose but at the same time serves as a source of knowledge and unfolds various hidden stories about eight most prominent Ganesh Mandir in Vidarbha region. These eight mobile apps are assembled to form a master application named as “Ashta Ganesh Vidarbha”.


Today we have about 3000 downloads for these apps. All the trusties of Eight Temples extended full support and encouragement to all upcoming programmers. The work for Social Cause of Jigyasa Research Centre along with the interns was appreciated by Shri Sachin Kurve, district collector of Nagpur and Lt.Col. Makarand Alur, Project Administrator at Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur.

Seeing the innovativeness and creativity of products of JRC this cause is even supported by MTDC.These apps were further sponsored by Kirloskar Brothers Pvt Ltd. Luxurious Caravan from “Wacation on Wheels” was provided by Mr. Rahul Soman that led to an adventurous tour along with spiritual ethics.


The most impressive thing about this is that the applications under Ashta Ganesh Mandir have been made by 14 students of MCA dept. of RCOEM in support of team JRC. Students of RCOEM and team JRC enjoyed the process of collecting historical, mythological and geographical data for this application with enthusiasm and curiosity and coordinated well with temple trusties.Students were feeling great to have app on playstore.

Our team of profesionals and young interns successfully completed the task. Students always bring much needed energy and young vision to every project