About us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Research Center run by Jigyasa Research and Development society. We are a group of 12 engineers and around 50 advisors from different walks of life. The mission of Jigyasa Research Center is to promote research activities and research oriented approach to grass root level.

Currently research is just confined to universities and government recognized organizations. But vision of JRC is based on the fact that most of the inventions and research work is done by individuals or small organizations, outside the confines of universities and government organizations. Most of the renowned scientists are best examples to prove this point.

What is Jigyasa Research Center?

  • 1. A prototype development center.
  • 2. A training center for young researchers.
  • 3. A common platform to discuss research work from all areas like Automobile, Industrial Automation, Aeronautics, Robotics, Pharmaceutical Science, Health Sciences, Mining, Sports, Communications, Arts, Computer Science, Human Resource, etc.
  • 4. A custodian of unpublished research in school and college level or individual interest.
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